Looks like Seeley Swan High School students might not be spending much more time at the Paw Up Resort in Greenough, after the Missoula County Sheriff's Office reduced the Evacuation Order to a warning for hundreds of addresses, including the elementary and high schools.

KGVO News spoke with Rinita Ruth, an employee at Corey's Valley Market early Wednesday morning, who said between 400 and 500 residents have returned, or are preparing to return to their homes.

"I think about 420 to 430 out of a thousand were able to return home," Ruth said. "And that does include the schools," she said.."The ones who were allowed to return home are very happy, and the ones that aren't being allowed to return home are happy for the ones that are, and they're looking up."

Ruth did not know if the students at Seeley Swan High School would return to the school building right away, or finish the week at Paws Up, but she said the elementary school would reopen on Monday.

KGVO will check with MCPS Communications Director Hatton Littman for an official timeline as to when the students might return to the high school.

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