Ballots will be sent out Monday in Missoula, not for the upcoming special election, but for a mill levy request from the Missoula County Public Elementary schools in School district 1.

"Montana school funding is... complex, to say the least," said Missoula County Public School District 1, "we depend on funding streams from the state as well as local taxpayers for our general operating levy and when we talk about a general fund operating levy we're talking about salaries and benefits, utility bills, curriculum materials, those kinds of things."

Thane says the 150 million dollars approved by voters in recent bonds can’t be used for the items the Mill request funds will be used for.

"The request would be for $804,000 and the impact per $100,000 of assessed value is about 83 cents a month, $9.92 per year," Thane said. "The tax would only to those people that live in our elementary district boundaries, so it is not county-wide, it's largely just in the city proper."

Thane says one of the main factors driving the Mill Levy request is a decrease in state funding by the legislature.

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