In a press release on Monday, April 9th it was announced that Silverwood Theme Park in Athol, ID will not be using Fireworks as a safety precaution.

“We understand that our community looks forward to this event every year, but after some deliberation, we have decided that, due to safety and environmental concerns, it is in our best interest to cancel the show indefinitely. The fire season has had a huge effect on the surrounding areas the last few years, and if something were to happen during our show it would be devastating to our community.”

As a fan of the amusement park it would be nice to have the firework shows continue, but as we experience wildfires every year here in Montana the decision is probably for the best.

The first day Silverwood will be open for business in 2018 is Friday, May 5th with Silverwood being open 11am-6pm but Boulder Beach doesn't open until Saturday, June 9th.

If you've never been to Silverwood Theme Park I highly suggest making the trip, and be listening as we get closer to the doors opening for the season as we will probably have passes to giveaway. When you're there make sure you enjoy the lazy river at Boulder Beach, it is so fun and relaxing!

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