The temporary construction trailers have been moved in and the official groundbreaking for the Hamilton High School Athletic Complex will be Tuesday, April 10, at 3:30 p.m. The field is directly south of Hamilton High School along Kurtz Lane, next to the soccer fields and softball fields.

Superintendent Tom Korst said the sports complex will replace the aging Haynes Field on South 9th Street, and includes all-weather field and track, improved spectator seating, athletic facilities, concession areas and, with the adjacent Hamilton High School parking lot, better parking. If construction goes as planned, the field and track will be ready for this fall's football season.

The athletic complex is one of two major projects planned for the Hamilton School District. The other is extensive remodeling of the Daly Elementary School, which will enable the district to bring kindergarten and first grade classes from Washington School, improve the traffic pattern and parking and more.

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