Get your bat and glove ready. May 20th and 21st at McCormick Park in Missoula is the 'Freedom Isn't Free 2' mens & women's slow-pitch softball tournament. Due to limited fields this season they only have room for 22 teams, this will be first come, first served. That means 6 women's, 6 upper men's and 10 lower men's spots, and you know they will fill up quickly.

Proceeds from the tournament will go to the Montana Wounded Warriors. This is a patriotic events so wearing red, white and blue is strongly suggested, there will even be awards given away. Make sure you come dressed to impress and show your American pride.

If you have any questions on the tournament contact Mike Rodgers at 830-0779 or Kris Bratlien at 830-5866

Photo courtesy of Rj McCollom
Photo courtesy of Rj McCollom

    Beautiful Big Sky View of Missoula!

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