Wow, good work Sentinel Spartans! They've got their own billboard on Brooks Street near Frugal's burger drive thru. It features the class of 2020 in a very classy photo of the seniors proudly sporting their purple and gold. Do all of the high schools have these? I've only seen the Sentinel one, and I imagine the proud parents and guardians paid for it, even for non-pandemic years I think we should make it an annual May tradition. These kids have made it through 13 years of public school, they certainly deserve to be celebrated.

In other cool stuff I've seen around town to celebrate our high school graduates, there are these great yard signs featuring senior photos. Again, something I feel that we should do again next year and beyond.

Photo by Angel, thanks to Bella's fam for letting me take a snap of her rad sign

Chances are, you know a graduate and will be giving them a card in the next few weeks. Good news for you, instead of a gift or a 100 dollar bill, you can tape two 20's together inside the card for the "Class of 2020" without looking cheap. Or maybe you'll still look cheap, but get points for creativity. Here's how I did one, feel free to steal the idea. It could be nicer I guess, with better folds and some fancy writing with glitter or something, but I don't Pinterest, I'm strictly a Sharpie girl.

Another idea is to take the pic above of the Sentinel billboard and crop it to have a card printed off at Walgreens for your Sentinel grads. Whatever you do, don't forget to send us your graduate's photo and info for our digital yearbook and on air commencement!

Photo by Angel

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