Our boy Neal Middleton of Royal Bliss raised over $1,600 in a charity boxing match for a nine-year-old girl in Salt Lake City who is fighting a rare cancerous brain tumor, called DIPG.  Neal's kind of a badass and won the fight in a second round knock out.

"I had always wanted to be in the ring when I was younger," Neal says. "A lot of our new songs have that kind of vibe, that never give up, that rise above the pain kind of vibe. I found myself slipping into a hole, and I needed to get out of it.  Boxing was a great way to do that, I started doing boxing fitness, which was hard as hell, and it helped me to gain some confidence. The whole experience was extremely positive; not only did I get in shape, gain confidence, and meet some amazing new friends, but we were able to raise money for two different charities. For the fight, we had proceeds going to Athlete strong and I personally raised money for a nine-year-old girl here in Salt Lake City who is fighting a rare cancerous brain tumor, called DIPG. The band bought her, and her family tickets to the fight and I raised over $1,600 for her family to help continue to do the treatments she has been receiving in New York every couple of weeks. The fact that during this training, my mom was diagnosed with cancer only pushed me further. It's been a crazy year, but I am in the best place mentally and physically that I have been in a long time. Boxing has played a major roll in that."

Royal Bliss just released a new video for the single "Pain" from their latest self-titled album, it was shot at Legends Boxing in Salt Lake City.

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