If there’s one thing Missoula loves, it’s music.

Over the years as venues for DIY shows have slowly closed their doors, local musicians and concertgoers alike have not given up hope for the scene of Missoula’s music. As a new music festival makes its debut in town this weekend, Missoulians will definitely want to mosey down to the American Legion.

What is Power Strip?

Missoula’s newest music and arts festival, Power Strip, is an all-day event happening this Saturday, August 19th, at the American Legion at 825 Ronan St. put on by Missoula’s newest production organization, Daisy Chain Presents.

Over ten bands and DJs—both local and traveling—will be rocking the stage of the Legion for you to enjoy a full day of music for just $15 (and the price drops to $10 at 10 p.m.!) See if you can catch the Nirvana cover band in the lineup.

“My hope is that people will experience a full day of music for a fraction of the cost that maybe they would pay elsewhere,” co-founder of Daisy Chain Colin Merrick said in an interview with Townsquare.

Vendors selling local art will also be at the festival, and the public can attend the market free of charge.

When the clock strikes midnight a dance party will ensue to finish out the night right.

Missoula is full of festivals…

Just last weekend, the Hip Strip Block Party returned to, of course, Missoula’s Higgins Avenue. Coming up at the end of August is the 17th annual River City Roots Festival.

What makes Power Strip unique this year is the integration between artist and audience.

Merrick, who co-founded Daisy Chain Presents alongside Julia Battisti and Dónal Lakatua, is excited for people to see bands that haven’t been through Missoula in a while.

“I'm hoping that people make friends and meet bands that they're fans of. Everybody will be out mingling,” Merrick said.

More about Power Strip

Don’t snooze on the shows! Earlier this month, Daisy Chain Presents put together a show at the VFW, which has been slow to book much music after the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, that, “was crazy because we got double the attendance that we were hoping for,” according to Merrick.

Attendees with wristbands are allowed to come and go and outside food is allowed at the venue.

Temperatures will still be high this weekend, so be sure to stay hydrated! Water will be available at the event and a bar will be opening later in the evening to serve alcoholic beverages to those over 21.

Organizers said there will be a full lineup with more details coming in the next few days before the gig on the Daisy Chain Instagram page.

Edited to correct the time of the festival entrance fee dropping.

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