On June 24, the Supreme Court officially overturned the ruling that made abortion legal in the United States. According to the decision, the legality of abortion will be up to the states. However, the Associated Press and other outlets are reporting that other rights, like same-sex marriage and access to contraception, could be reconsidered.

Locally, clinics that offer women's healthcare, including abortions, shared messages of concern and reminders about the services they offer.

Blue Mountain Clinic Family Practice shared the following on their Facebook page:

We should all be able to make the personal health care decisions that impact our lives, health, and futures. But today, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a shattering blow to the right to access abortion in the U.S., leaving even more people struggling to access the essential health care they need.
Blue Mountain Clinic is open and providing abortion care. You know what you need. If that’s abortion, we’re here to help.

Martha Fuller, the President & CEO for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana expressed the following in a statement:

Although we are outraged and saddened by the ruling, it is important for Montanans, and for people in neighboring states, to know that abortion remains legal here. Our state constitution's right to privacy has long protected Montanans' right to make private medical decisions without interference from politicians.

Both Blue Mountain Clinic Family Practice and Planned Parenthood - Missoula Health Center offer a variety of services including general healthcare, contraception, transgender, and nonbinary healthcare, reproductive health, STD screenings, and mental healthcare. For a list of specific services, please visit their websites linked above.

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