Missoula's own Cody Beierle is set to make his bare-knuckle boxing debut this Friday at the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida.

We're all familiar with the UFC, Boxing, etc., but did you know about bare-knuckle boxing? This is intense. It's exactly what it sounds like. Straight-up Thunderdome rules. Based in Philadelphia, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships pit two men or women, gloveless in a "square ring," starting toe to toe (as opposed to a corner, like boxing). Cody Beirle from Missoula will be throwing blows against 9-0 "Bad" Blake Davis this Friday, June 23rd.

Cody, a Missoula-born and raised native, has plenty of experience. He's wrestled for 12 years and started his MMA/Boxing career right out of high school. While he has taken a break from training in the past to focus on his own career, Cody is now ready to make Missoula proud.

"I believe the guy I'm fighting isn't ready for bare-knuckle, and he's in for a big surprise. I'm going to stay aggressive and take him out of his comfort zone using his counter against him" - Cody Beierle

The fights will kick off at 5:30 pm and can be seen locally at the Press Box Sports Bar as well as Stockman's Bar.

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Good luck, Cody!  Make Missoula proud.

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