"Wow, that is really cool! Where did you get that?"

"I picked it up at a garage sale for just a few bucks!"

Yep, you've been there. Discovering the joys of one person's trash becoming another person's treasure. And when 50 miles of those treasures are lined up along the highway, you just know it's worth taking a spin and checking out items you didn't know you wanted or needed until you saw them. Then, maybe you think to yourself, "I have a lot of stuff that other people might love to buy!"

That is the basic premise for the Bitterroot Valley's annual 50-Mile Garage Sale. And you have an opportunity to grab some prime real estate from which to sell your treasures.

Our friends at the Lolo Community Center wanted you to know that they are already selling booth spaces for the sale, which will be June 24th and 25th, 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. both days. Get a great location close to Missoula and have no worries about what the weather might bring.

Booth spaces sell for $20 for one day or only $30 for both days. Yep, you could easily make that up in a transaction or two. To reserve a space (or more than one) and get more info, just call 406-203-6531.

And remember that Lolo Community Center is also a BINGO lover's paradise, with BINGO every Sunday. Doors open at noon, games begin at 1:00. Large payouts and friendly players! The community center venue offers the perfect atmosphere for you to have a great time playing BINGO.

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