It is so tough to separate your home life from your professional one.

Political science professor Robert Kelly was giving an interview with the BBC recently about the tumult in South Korea when his children unexpectedly burst into the room and took over. Maybe working from home this day wasn't the best idea.

One kid walks in before the second follows and then an adult -- it's unclear if it's Kelly's wife, a nanny or someone else -- frantically rushes in to try to get the children out of the room so Daddy can do his work.

The kids still wreak havoc even after they've been removed because you can hear them screaming the way kids are prone to do at the worst possible moment.

You've gotta give Kelly credit. You just know his children were told "We mustn't disturb Daddy" and you can tell he's extremely irritated by his kids' barging in on him, but he does his best to power through the interview, anyway.

Perhaps these kids were inspired by the youngster who recently hijacked a weather report. Whatever the issue, we'd bet good money Kelly yelled at his little ones for behaving so poorly and at the women for not doing a better job looking after them.

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