The area is still hazardous, but the Bitterroot National Forest has re-opened the Ward Mountain, Sawtooth and Roaring Lion trails southwest of Hamilton.

The trails had been closed following the 8,000-acre Roaring Lion Fire last year. Hazardous trees were removed along with some salvage logging near the trailheads and parking area, according to Tod McKay of the Bitterroot National Forest.

McKay said the area still has falling snags or trees, rolling rocks and debris and mud flows. The bridge over Roaring Lion Creek was damaged by the blaze and will be replaced later this year, he said. During high water, expect the creek to be impassable.

Getting to the trailheads is also difficult at the current time. The Forest Service road to the trailhead is not plowed during the winter, and McKay said 4-wheel-drive vehicles are recommended in the deep snow and sheets of ice.

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