"Killing in the Name" has been performed countless times by countless artists since Rage Against the Machine released their original recording in 1992 — but almost certainly never quite like this.

As presented in the above video, the alt-rock classic has now been covered by the Wackids, a French trio who perform a repertoire of covers using toy instruments. It's part of a lengthy series of videos uploaded to the band's YouTube channel, where fans can find earlier installments of the "rock'n'toys sessions" covering AC/DC, Queen, Metallica, and many others.

"The Wackids are a rock band with strong identity," reads the group's mission statement. "Three super heroes dressed in red, yellow and blue, reinterpreting universal tunes on children's instruments. In the same way that Angus Young always plays in school uniform or that Batman's costume is always black and yellow with a cape, Blowmaster, Speedfnger and Bongostar are always recognizable by their outfits, their personalities, their toy instruments and their super power: preaching the good word of rock to children."

isn't exactly a new concept — something the group cheekily acknowledged with a recent tweet challenging late-night host and frequent classroom instrument performer Jimmy Fallon to "leave toy instruments to us." Here's hoping we see a giant toy jam between these guys and the
Roots some night soon.

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