Pixies released a video for their new song “Human Crime,” which is likely to be one of 40 Frank Black wrote for the band's upcoming album.

The clip is set in a fairy otherworld created by bassist and director Paz Lenchantin. “The storyline is loosely based on an ‘inside joke’ between [Black] and me about going on tour,” she said in a statement. “How we go through a door from our reality state into the altered state of becoming and being a Pixie.”

You can watch the video below.

Black discussed his attitude to writing in a recent Guardian interview. Asked if he ever worries about having peaked as a creator, he replied: “Oh, sure. Every time I write a song that I’m pleased with. I’ve put together about 40 songs for the current Pixies record. A couple of times I even surprised myself, but I think it’s a common experience in songwriting. You write something that you’re pleased with, and your first thought is, ‘I just wrote the best song I ever wrote.’ But to say, ‘I’m never going to write another song that good’ would be quite an epiphany, so I’m not inclined to make that kind of statement.”

In the same interview, he explained why he never took time between songs to speak to the audience during shows. “I have nothing against people who talk between songs. I’m just not very good at it,” he admitted. “You become very self-conscious when someone’s tuning their guitar or there’s a pause in the show. It makes you nervous, so you ramble and make stupid jokes into the microphone. I’d listen back to early recordings. Most of the time you couldn’t understand what I was saying, and if you did understand, it was stupid, so I just felt like an idiot.”

Pixies' tour schedule includes three U.S. shows later this month – all sold out – followed by an appearance in Mexico and then a string of visits to Europe and the U.K. that run until September.

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