You've heard about the 99 pack of cans that PBR is calling the 'Family Pack' to bring thirsty folks together for the holidays? Well it's real, and Montana is one of just 15 states that will have them for sale.

The package is reportedly a long, narrow box, taller than a grown man, and takes 2 PBR lovers to carry it. If you can even hunt one down, it's going for $175. We did a little math over the weekend and that's about a dollar more per beer than a regular pack of Pabst. A 30-pack is about 20 bucks, so around 67-70 cents per beer, each beer in the 99 pack is $1.76. None of that matters though, it's all about the amazing gift of a giant rectangle of beer for the holidays. The good people at Orange Street Food Farm are reporting that they may receive some of these packs, so keep an eye out there. See the amazing PBR Family Pack below.

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