Paramore is back in a big way with their highly anticipated fifth studio album, "AFTER LAUGHTER,"  which is set to drop on May 12th.

"Hard Times" is their first single off the new record and talk about an instant smash hit! The single came with a playful music video that blends nicely with the fun 80's vibe of the new track. The juxtaposition between the upbeat tempo and the darker lyrics leaves you with a weird mix of emotions... But you feel an instant connection with the song!

I didn't realize how much I needed new Paramore in my life until they released Hard Times and followed that up with another new song, "Told You So." Even though Told You So is a fan release, and as of right now not being worked as the next single, it does its job of getting Paramore fans pumped for the new album!

If Hard Times and Told You So are any indication of what's to come on AFTER LAUGHTER, we are in for one hell of a ride!

I'd like to think that Paramore knew how excited us Montanans would be for the new album, because they booked a stop in our neck of the woods for later this summer! Don't miss your chance to see them perform LIVE at the Montana Fair in Billings on August 19thFor ticket info, click HERE! 

Paramore is also set to perform Hard Times on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Outdoor Stage on May 17th!

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