An event that is a wonderful memory for 13,000 Missoula music fans, has become a nightmare for organizers. The Missoula PaddleHeads and our local minor league baseball organization have filed a lawsuit against Logjam Presents and the City of Missoula for lost revenue.

If you were at the August 11th show last year, you know how muddy the ground outside the venue was, and inside the ballpark, the ground was a complete disaster. Heavy rains, that even prompted flash flood warnings, leading up to the show resulted in mud that was actually swallowing shoes, many were abandoned at the show as concert goers opted for bare feet over muddy shoes. Can we just take a minute here to appreciate the fact that we used to gather and dance closely with strangers and even have bare feet and an uncovered face in public?? Ahhh, memories.

According to the Missoulian, the damages to the field were covered by insurance, however, the base of the lawsuit is over loss of revenue from the 6 home games, that the then Osprey, had to cancel. That means ticket, and concessions, revenue. It sounds like now, it's become a pissing match between the PaddleHeads and Logjam Presents over the number of concert goers in attendance at the Mumford & Sons show, and whether or not the PaddleHeads have provided enough information to Logjam, or if the ball club even made enough effort to reach out to Logjam, regarding reimbursement and a lawsuit.

You'll remember that tickets for this show sold out in just TWO HOURS, which is pretty awesome, and that after the show, it was reported that approximately 13,500 people were in attendance. Here's the full story from the Missoulian, with comments from PaddleHeads vice president, Matt Ellis. And here's the Mumford & Sons thank you video, along with a recap of the August 11th, 2019 events, as reported by us after the show.

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