Holy shit, that was one helluva concert day.

Ear Candy contacted the 70 lucky people who would get to attend the Mumford & Sons in store performance, through a twist of fate, 2 Moms Ice Cream gifted their spot to my son as they were busy vending at the pre party. So we arrive over at Ear Candy and that's when the storm kicked in, we were confident it would clear up by show time.

Photo by Oliver

The band did 4 songs and were super accommodating and humble, although they didn't have time for autographs and photos. Ear Candy and Andrew Kemmis Photography shared the following.

Then the email was sent letting ticket buyers know doors would open a half an hour later due to weather, that made us nervous. Finally, everyone arrived at Ogren Park and the Old Sawmill District. I mean, we knew that there would be 13,500+ fans, but there were people EVERYWHERE. And mud, lots of mud, but nothing could dampen Missoula's mood on Mumford Day.

Mad props to the Logjam Presents team for getting the show set up and built as they battled the weather! The sound was beautiful and all of the employees seemed to be genuinely having fun, they were very welcoming and helpful, Logjam really took the cake with this one, they did an amazing job, honestly.

Portugal The Man. were a fun opener, they did some covers and originals and sounded great. Mumford took the stage just after 9 and it was beautiful. The voice, the songs, the crisp sound, the sunset, being surrounded by smiling, singing, dancing Missoulians, it was heaven.

Photo by Angel

The crowd seemed very quiet throughout the show, it could have been that we didn't want to be too noisy too late in consideration for the neighborhood residents, could be that it's was late on Sunday night and we were tired, but I'm pretty sure the real reason is that we were in awe and wanted to hear every note.

Photo by Angel

Marcus Mumford had the crowd in the palm of his hand. Highlights included his journey out into the crowd, even singing face to face to the fans in the seats furthest away; his support for the beautiful and very Missoula moment when he encountered a breast feeding Mom in the crowd; and their cover of "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails.

It was a pretty great day, one that Missoula will not soon forget, and one that the band will also remember for years to come. In fact, they shared a whole video on their social media to thank us for a memorable stop, it's not something they do in every town, seems we are as special as we think we are.