When we had the announcement that the new name of Missoula's baseball team would be the PaddleHeads - I loved the look of the new hat with the moose halfway out of the water and had to have one. It's a bummer we don't have games to wear my hat to because of the cancellation of the Minor League Baseball season this summer. Instead, I'll slip it on my head right now just so I can give a tip of the cap to the PaddleHeads organization. Even without a season, they continue to present a list of activities for the community to enjoy at Ogren Park this summer!

Just look at the great turnout for Centerfield Cinema in the video clip below! They'll continue to show movies on Thursday nights and just finalized the schedule through August.

The latest announcement from the team is the PaddleHeads' Last Best Brewfest at Ogren Park on August 8th. There'll be two different times you can attend, a great selection of beers and ciders, limited capacity, and fireworks after the second flight.

This looks like it should be a great day of fun, complete with social distancing practices and increased sanitization. Here's the details from the PaddleHeads' website:


Breweries from across Montana and beyond will line the Ogren Park Allegiance Field concourse, pouring exciting seasonal brews, small batch beers, and ciders. Patrons will have the opportunity to purchase food from some of Missoula’s best food trucks, as well.

Attendance will be broken up into 2 separate, 3-hour flights, each containing a maximum of 400 patrons, with the 2nd flight culminating in a fireworks display. Stadium gates will open at 3:00pm for the first flight, and 7:00pm for the second. The stadium will be cleared for an hour between flights for a full-stadium sanitization.

Admission for the first flight is $30 per person, while the final fireworks flight is $45. Admission includes 4 drinks, and additional drink tickets will be available for purchase inside the park. Utilizing Centerfield Cinema’s model of physically distanced squares on the field, patrons will be asked to remain in their squares with their party unless walking the one-way concourse to retrieve their drinks. No one under 21 will be allowed inside the gates.

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