The mask debate continues in much of the Treasure state. Nearly a month ago, Governor Bullock made mask mandatory in any county with over 4 cases of COVID 19. It was slow going at first, getting people to comply with the mandate. But, fast forward to today, a solid majority of Montanans are doing their part to help flatten the curve. Of course there always has to be a "Karen" or even a "Ken" that has to try and stick it to the MAN for infringing on their rights. To those people I say, keep it up. Because it is fun watching people be idiots in public.

Urban dictionary defines a "Karen" as

The stereotypical name associated with rude, obnoxious and insufferable middle aged white women.

Karens take everything wrong with the typical over entitled western woman and crank it up by several thousand percent. Karen's have developed their own unique characteristics /antics as well. Including but not limited to;

-Reveling in making the life or retail workers a living hell by constantly making a scene over nothing and demanding to "speak to the manager" (a near universal battle cry among Karen's).
-Threatening to sue someone for a minor misdemeanor they may or may not have committed and may or may not have even involved Karen at all.

Whitefish, Montana continues to dish out some great footage of people behaving badly. First it was the "Ken" that tried to disrupt a BLM protest in downtown Whitefish. Now, we have the "Angry Harry Carey-Karen" that is coughing on people outside of Super One Foods.

According to NBC Montana

A man in Whitefish shared a video with us of a woman coughing on him and his wife outside of a Super 1 grocery store. He added that the woman hit him with her car twice and he broke the back window of her car the second time.

See it for yourself, and keep it classy Whitefish.

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