Jeffrey Neubauer
Jeffrey Neubauer

The local concert gods at Logjam Presents have teamed up with the dedicated peeps at Forward Montana in an effort to get young people re-engaged and registered to vote. The new voter registration initiative is being called Amplify Montana, and I for one, think it's a very positive step forward.

Logjam Presents owner Nick Checota explained a bit more about the non-partisan voter registration initiative dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of voting at music events, concerts and shows.

“Our partnership with Forward Montana is focused on increasing voter participation. With an emphasis on younger members of our community -- a group that in many cases has become disenfranchised and unengaged -- we hope this initiative will amplify the importance of participating in the election process.“

According to Rachel Huff-Doria, Forward Montana Foundation Executive Director, “Forward Montana Foundation is focused on creating a culture of year-round, civic engagement. As a young-person led organization, we know first-hand there are a lot of barriers to young people voting. That’s why we meet young people where they’re at -- whether that’s on campus, out in the park or at concerts. We’re thrilled to have community partners like Logjam Presents help us amplify our message through the power of music.”

As part of National Voter Registration Day on September 25, Forward Montana will host voter registration tables at the Wilma and the Top Hat. Concertgoers are encouraged to check in at the table, register to vote at their current address and learn more about the upcoming election. Forward Montana will have fun prizes as well as non-partisan voter guides to help new voters navigate the upcoming election.

The Amplify Montana initiative will allow Forward Montana to showcase their efforts at key Logjam music events throughout Montana.

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