EmpowerMT invites all to celebrate and recognize everyone and everything that makes Missoula so vibrant, unique and inclusive. In April of 2010, Missoula’s city council passed a non-discrimination ordinance protecting community members from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. EmpowerMT’s after school leadership development program for 4th-8th-grade students, played a crucial role in the passing of the ordinance.

Please join us this Saturday, April 14th at the Missoula Art Museum from 6 to 8 p.m. to celebrate the work Missoula's youth did to pass the city's Non-Discrimination Ordinance, which was the first in Montana to include LGBTQ individuals. This Saturday's performances were completely planned and coordinated by EmpowerMT's youth programs.

This year they have chosen the theme “Remember Me” to guide the event. EmpowerMT youth will be presenting three main projects including a poster campaign to break stereotypes, and shine a spotlight on those who break them, a video project on remembering the importance of youth leadership, and a separate video project capturing messages they want their older selves to remember from their younger selves. In addition to these presentations, they are hosting a reading called, “Remember Me.” In this reading, chosen community members will share with the audience reflections and/or writings about their experiences as a young person.

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