Members of the Downtown Hamilton Business Improvement District (DHBID) and Cook's Gardens were busy Tuesday evening, filling the decorative planters in the downtown area with fresh flowers. The project, sponsored by the Hamilton Improvement District, used a great quantity of colorful flowers from Cook's Gardens in Hamilton. Business owners and staff are the ones who keep the plants watered and weeded throughout the summer season.

The improvement district was created by property owners of the central business district to accomplish a massive infrastructure project a few years ago that included lots of visible and invisible improvements, but also included yearly funds for such things as snow removal and upkeep of the new streetlights and the planters, which are decorated to reflect the seasons of summer, fall and winter. It's a colorful addition to Hamilton's Main Street.

The mission statement of the Downtown Hamilton Business Improvement District is to conserve the historic values and promote the economic vitality of downtown Hamilton.

flower pots
Planters in Hamilton. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)

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