Missoula police were called to the report of a knife attack outside a motel in the 1100 block of West Broadway Tuesday morning. According to Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh the complainant worked at the motel and was attempting to get a man to stop loitering in the alley when the attack began.

“He had stepped out and noticed a male loitering in the alley near his place of business and he informed the male that loitering was not allowed,” Welsh said. “The male took exception to that and began to cuss and swear at the victim. At one point, he approached him after pulling a knife out of his pocket and threatened him with it. In fact, he lunged at him while doing so.”

The motel worker was able to dodge the attack and call for help.

“He stepped back inside the office of his place of employment and the suspect left the scene,” Welsh said. “Officers located him a short time later near the intersection West Pine Street and Scott. 50-year-old Todd Allen Bergoust was arrested at about 11:22 a.m. He appears at this time to be either homeless or a transient.”

Bergoust was jailed on a felony assault with a weapon charge.

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