As facial coverings such as surgical masks, bandanas and cloth face masks become an increasing necessity for the public due to the spread of the coronavirus, My Chemical Romance are now selling cloth fabric face masks. All of the proceeds will benefit the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

The concept for the face mask actually pre-dates the coronavirus outbreak and was intended to be used as protective wear in the desert.

"We are living in strange times, alienating times, scary times," wrote My Chemical Romance in the webstore listing. "These masks were the brainchild of our beloved Lauren Valencia, who died before this madness, not of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the older evil that is cancer," the statement continued.

"We had these masks made to keep you dust-free in the desert, a show that never happened, never will, a protection that then seemed timeworn. And here we are, with these masks, as though Lauren was prescient or we were unknowingly waiting for the right time," added My Chem.

The product description lists a disclaimer, which reads, "These are fabric face masks. They are not N95 nor anti-microbial. Please use them responsibly. There are guidelines on the CDC website on how to properly utilize fabric masks. Please follow them."

My Chemical Romance are offering two variants of the fabric masks, one design showing a simplified set of vampire fangs while the other is a bit more technical, bearing text print that says, "Positronic face - wave desert screening device / includes stealth filtration and cosmic nurturing" as well as a white box outline around "MCRLV7251980" print.

See both in guitarist Frank Iero's Instagram post below and to purchase your face mask, head here.

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