Have you seen the hashtag #GrizonGameDay going around lately?

If you haven't, maybe you're wondering what we're talking about here. So here's the recap: rumors have been going around that ESPN's College GameDay pre-show may be coming to Missoula to broadcast live for Brawl of the Wild. Obviously, this would be a pretty big deal, putting the national spotlight on one of Montana's oldest rivalries.

Some of the Promotions So Far

And people have really taken the idea that ESPN could be coming to town and decided to run with it. As you probably heard, the M underwent a transformation last weekend to get ESPN to take notice.

And it didn't stop there - Missoula native and Oscar winner J.K. Simmons recorded a video adding his voice to the campaign for #GrizonGameDay.

And the celebrity endorsements aren't stopping there...

Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament is Voicing His Support

Now you can add Pearl Jam bassist, skate park advocate, and Missoula resident Jeff Ament to the list, as Montana Grizzly Football recently posted a video from him for his own #GrizonGameDay campaign.

Ament's been incredibly active in the Missoula community, and last year hosted an event where he broadcasting Pearl Jam's 2018 Missoula concert at Ogren Park to raise funds for Montana Pool Service (whose logo he's also wearing in the video).

Do you think ESPN's College GameDay will come to Missoula? Rumor has it we'll find out the answer as soon as this weekend, as they typically announce where they're going to be on the previous week's show. We'll see what happens!

Any more Missoula celebrities the Griz can ask to campaign for them?

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