Well the Super Mario Bros. Movie is comes out on April 5th, and you know what that means— I have an excuse to write yet another article about what characters Montana towns would be. I've done The Simpsons, Spongebob Squarepants, and Avengers, now let's go down the green pipe into a new level. Here's a list of Super Mario Bros. characters and what Montana town they're most like:

Mario - Hamilton

They're both just so likable, and I wouldn't be surprised a mustached guy from from there actually did save the world, or at the very least become a respected plumber and wife up some lady named Peach.

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Yoshi - Missoula

A character associated with the color green with a major case of the munchies, yeah I have no idea why that reminds me of Missoula.

Peach - Helena 

Of course the princess of Mushroom kingdom should be Montana's capitol, and don't read too far into this one because I'm definitely not making some political statement about how she's regularly captured by a rival nation, so don't even go there.

Toad - Bozeman

That conformist, yuppie little dork Toad is so Bozeman he's probably considering moving there.

Donkey Kong - Billings

Barrels of fun but both can go bananas .

Wario - Havre

This one just makes sense.

Bowser - Butte

If the people of Butte learn to breath fire, not even all the video-game protagonists in the world will be able to stop them.

King Boo - Whitefish

Because they're both really rich and Whitefish's lift ticket prices will scare you silly.

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