This news we're about to tell you should come as no surprise to anyone who's driven through Missoula and noticed, like, six different spots undergoing a major overhaul. Heck, between the Beartracks Bridge, Caras Park, and the Missoulian Building, that's three different projects all happening right by each other on the Hip Strip.

But here it is: Montana has been named the number two state in the entire country for new construction jobs, just behind Idaho. That's according to Montana Right Now, who got the info from a recent report from the Associated General Contractors of America.

According to the report, Montana has gained nearly 4000 construction jobs since 2020 - and it seems a lot of people are following the work from other parts of the country. About half of the United States actually lost construction jobs during the last two years, so that definitely puts Montana on the positive end of things.

Hopefully, these new construction workers coming in to Montana understand to steer clear of Bugs Bunny. No matter what happens, he is not going to sell his house. And will probably torment you in the process.

Bugs Bunny lives in Montana, right? Or like, the Toontown equivalent of Montana? I know he's always taking that wrong turn at Albuquerque, but it usually seems like he's on a pretty big road trip when he does it. Bugs, you're best friends with both Michael Jordan and Lebron James, you can probably afford to get a GPS!

This has been my earnest plea to construction workers not to mess with Bugs Bunny, and for somebody to buy him a GPS. Thank you for your time.

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