Have you ever been hanging out in a public place, looked around, and thought to yourself, "This is nice, but what it could really use is more cats?" Well, now you've got a place to fulfill that very specific dream!

At least, you do if you live in Bozeman, or you're willing to travel to Bozeman to check this out: the very first cat cafe in Montana just opened its doors for the first time.

A cat cafe is pretty much exactly what it sounds like - it's like a normal cafe, with drinks and places to hang out with friends or maybe do some work, but it ALSO has cats. The Catshow Cafe in Bozeman will house 3 to 4 cats at any given time, and the owners are working with the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter to find homes for some of these cats, too.

The Catshow Cafe is currently following strict social distancing guidelines and taking extra safety precautions during the pandemic, so keep that in mind if you're planning on going. I think the real question here is this: how did Missoula not come up with this first?

This just seems like such a Missoula thing to do, and I think we need to follow up on this. Build our own cat cafe, and maybe add dogs, too! Actually, nevermind - if we really built that in town, my girlfriend would go there and she would never leave.

Think you'll be heading out to Bozeman in the near future? Will you stop by the Catshow Cafe if you do?

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