Love 'em or hate 'em, it's holiday movie time in America. In fact, the Lifetime channel has been showing those corny Christmas love stories on a constant 24/7 loop, you know the ones where a young, single woman goes home for the holidays and falls for some guy she's volunteering with at the local shelter.

Dolly Parton certainly is not one to pass up a holiday opportunity and her new flick is Netflix's 'Christmas On The Square.' The musical features music & lyrics by Dolly, legendary choreographer Debbie Allen directing, and Christine Baranski, Jenifer Lewis, and Treat Williams starring. In classic Christmas film fashion, it involves a rich woman returning to her hometown to kick residents out of their homes to make way for a mall. I haven't seen it but I imagine she has a change of heart and falls in love.

These movies are kind of fun to have on while wrapping presents, just for the holiday feel and so that you can make fun along the way. So when you're looking for one of those this month, go with 'Christmas On The Square' and watch for Missoula's own Alissa Tucker in the dance numbers. Alissa is a Missoula grown dancer, actor, singer, and fitness professional who scored a part in the film and even got to meet Dolly, as you can see in her Instagram post below. I've also included the movie trailer in case you wanna check it out. Congrats to Missoula Children's Theater alum Alissa, we'll be cheering her on this season and keeping an eye out for her in more movies.

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