When you looked at the 2022 schedule, you just knew that there was a disturbing imbalance in the level of competition.

The Montana Grizzly football team got a taste of that next level, a woeful effort in a 30-23 loss to Idaho one week ago. This time, the nation's second-ranked team, Sacramento State, was waiting for a night time battle with the Griz.

The Hornets' scoring numbers and margins of victory were eye-popping going into this game. It would take a monumental effort from the Griz defense and an efficient offensive attack to swing things Montana's way.

And you could not have scripted it any better to start, with the Grizzlies forcing turnovers and quarterback Lucas Johnson running and passing Montana to a 7-0 lead. And that is where we had to go off script.

Johnson was hit with what was described as a cheap shot that led to a Sacramento State player's ejection. And concussion protocol removed Johnson from the final three quarters of the game, replaced by sophomore Kris Brown.

Great field position and scoring opportunities were squandered, and Sacramento State found some rhythm. Without enough offensive fire power to keep up, the Griz could possibly whither.

The Montana defense stood strong with more turnovers forced. The Grizzly offense figured out a few more things, and the nip and tuck skirmish was on down the stretch.

The Griz anticipated getting the ball back leading 24-17 with 5:55 to play in the game. The Hornets recover an onside kick. That stolen possession leads to a touchdown and a 24-24 tie with only a few minutes left to play.

Montana cannot get in scoring position buy deny the Hornets a chance to take the lead before time expires.

We go to overtime. Sacramento State has the first possession and it's a touchdown.

Montana ball. First down only gains two. Second down pass incomplete. Third down pass incomplete. Fourth down pass incomplete. Your final, Sacramento State 31, Montana 24.

The Griz drop to 5-2 on the season with another tough test looming at Weber State next Saturday.

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