Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is announcing that this is the season to replace boat decals. FWP Spokeswoman Vivaca Crowser explains why the new boat decals are required.

“It is just a decal required so that we can document the number of boats we have in Montana to get Coast Guard funding,” said Crowser. “When we went to the permanent registration maybe 10 years ago or so in Montana, what that also required for the Coast Guard tracking is that we issue these validation decals.”

To receive a new decal, you can apply for one online and have it mailed to you, or you can pick one up at any FWP office. Speaking of FWP, Crowser says a huge hiring effort is underway as the agency prepares to combat invasive mussels.

“Right now we are getting our crew together,” Crowser said. “We are going to be doing a huge season hire of workers to man these inspection and decontamination stations. We are hiring over 100 workers that we haven’t had in the past. It is something that would be a great opportunity for someone looking for some part time seasonal work or a college student.”

According to Crowser, FWP will pay $13 an hour and will offer some benefits as well. FWP is interviewing for those positions on March 20 in Missoula.

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