You don't have to go very far to find a business in Bozeman struggling to find people to fill their open positions. In fact, several different businesses have modified hours, or simply won't open for a day or two of the work week.

Check this out, my co-worker told me that she went by a local Bozeman business the other day and they had a sign that said "No Permanent Hours."  What does that even mean?  So, they're just open when they're open and if you happen to catch them open, good luck on your part?

Of course, it's not just happening here in Bozeman, it's happening all over Montana. But why?  Why is it so much more difficult to find people to work than before? I certainly can't be the only one who asks that question. How are people able to afford living here if they don't have a job?

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Turns out they just might be doing something called "Dream Wranglin'."

If you've never heard of that term, don't feel bad. I hadn't either until someone sent me a message explaining to me what it was. We asked the question on our radio show about how people were surviving without having a job, and one of our listeners sent us a message and introduced us to dream wranglin' and apparently, a whole lot of folks are doing it.

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According to the message, dream wranglin' is when you just sort of do whatever it is you want to do for work.  For instance, our listener makes a lot of different items and then sells them to folks:

"I sell different types of things that I make by hand at home: jewelry, belt buckles, wooden bowties, t-shirts, logos for companies, large signage for businesses, unique sketch art, and all sorts of rustic furniture and home decor."

Alright, so kind of like an Etsy thing then? Well, I mean that is probably fine for a little bit of spending money, but you certainly can't support yourself full time with that, can you?  Apparently, you can as my new friend went on to explain:

"There's a new wave of work available if you're intuitive and have a fire lit under you, it's more fulfilling and financially profitable than any job I could have ever imagined. Full-time hustling."

Who knew? I most definitely didn't. You get to work for yourself, make your own hours, and have the freedom and flexibility that comes with doing those things. Wow, ok, this sounds pretty good, but how many people are actually doing this?

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Minerva Studio

According to our dream wranglin' friend, a whole lot of Montanans.

It is certainly something to think about.  With the popularity of E-Commerce, Farmer's Markets, and different Trade Shows, a person with some creativity and skill could take advantage of this whole dream wranglin' thing.

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