“Try one of everything,” the search bar on their website invites users. And, boy, do I want to!

The Sweet Palace candy shop in Philipsburg, Montana, landed itself a national nomination earlier this month. Located about an hour and a half from Missoula, the old-fashion shop was voted among the top ten in the country by USA Today’s listeners and experts.

The small-town Montana store has been featured by major YouTubers like food blogger Emmy Cho of emmymade and travel enthusiast Carri Wilbanks.

It’s not the online features that make the Sweet Palace so special. Candymakers create their own fudge and saltwater taffies in-house. In fact, visitors can watch candy being made right before their eyes as they salivate over the sugar.

Some “funky flavors” you might find are champagne and chocolate cheesecake.

Don’t worry if chewy nor chocolatey is your jam. If you like candy, there is surely something for everyone in the palace’s selection of over 1,000 sweets, including some sugar-free options.

A trip to Philipsburg doesn’t have to be on your itinerary any time soon. You can order candy online to be shipped to you nationwide. However, if you decide to add the Sweet Palace to your list of summer must-visits, be sure it’s not on a Saturday! That’s the only day the shop is closed.

While you’re out picking up treats in P-burg, don’t forget you can search for your own Montana sapphires at Gem Mountain. On your way out, take the scenic route. The Pintler Veteran’s Memorial Highway will take you on a beautiful stretch to Anaconda, where you can stretch your legs and sweat out the sweets on one of the wilderness’s many hiking trails.

The Sweet Palace candy store came in at number seven for the country’s best candy shops. What's the best you've been to?

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