The last time I moved, I found a place where the rent was cheaper and it included the oh-so-important air conditioning that was lacking at my previous dwelling. So I understand everything about the move that's being planned by Missoula's COVID-19 testing operation! The City-County Health Department is planning to move the testing site from the fairgrounds in Missoula to a location that's just minutes from the airport - off of Flynn Lane.

The hope is to move to the new test site in early August - after the minor details get worked out. The lease agreement for the property needs to get signed, the t's need to get crossed, and they have to dot the .........lowercase j's. (You get bonus points if you caught the Wayne's World 2 reference in that last sentence)

The move will save the health department more than $4,500 in monthly rent. And it sound like it will be better equipped to conduct the COVID-19 screenings. One area of improvement with the move is climate control. There's a lack of air conditioning at the fairgrounds as we get into hotter summer weather. And on-the-flip-side of things, with no end of testing in sight they won't have adequate heating when we head into the winter.

A story from KPAX has Adriane Beck, director of disaster and emergency services for Missoula County, discussing the positives of the new location. “The biggest selling point for the health department was the fact that it has a drive-thru warehouse. It minimizes the exposure to those conducting the testing activity while also providing that climate controlled environment they need.”

Here's a look at where the new facility will be located:

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps


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