Target stores nationwide made a couple of big announcements this week, including an update to their coronavirus response. Missoula's Target will no longer require face masks for their staff, masking for customers has been optional and not mandatory for some time.

The word spread quickly as employees were notified and the coronavirus dashboard on Target's official website was updated. It now states that health and safety is still their top priority and stores will keep their plexiglass dividers in place at checkout, and staff will continue to be vigilant with cleaning and disinfecting the store and carts. They will also continue to encourage social distancing.

In other Target news, they are testing new drive-up options at select stores in the U.S. Shoppers will be able to add a Starbucks order and make returns with the curbside service that became very useful during the pandemic. Imagine having a quick return where you stay in your car enjoying a coffee while Target handles it. That's going to be huge following the December holidays and on weeks like the one we're experiencing now in Montana where temps are below zero. We'll let you know if and when we hear about it being implemented at the Missoula Target.

Remember in 2020 I told you about Target chipping their shopping carts so they become disabled if you try to take them out of the parking lot? It seems the effort to stop their $400 carts from being stolen worked, I haven't seen any on the streets, have you?

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