Would you look at that!? Fat Tuesday falls on a Tuesday this year! For real though, if you're suffering from a severe case of cabin fever after this insanely cold week in Missoula, here are the places to be for a very colorful, Mardi Gras-inspired night out.


Downtown will be poppin' with purple, yellow, and green on March 1st as some of our very favorite small businesses for appetizers and drinks will be toasting the holiday. Join us at the Thomas Meagher Bar, Al's and Vic's, James Bar, Red's, The Rhino, The Old Post, Iron Horse, VFW, Pangea, Union Club, The Camino inside The Merc, and Second Set Bistro.


Festivities will begin around 5 p.m. with beads, beads, beads galore, and specials on daiquiris, Hot Toddys, Mint Juleps, grasshoppers, and we imagine a few places will have King Cake shots. The Rhino is promising actual King Cake with Hurricanes and Rhino-ijtos on special all day. Enjoy Cajun grub and soup specials at The Meagher Bar!

Party Safely

Please, if you'll be enjoying drinks be sure you plan in advance for a ride. Some great choices are a designated driver, rad friend/fam who will pick you up when you're ready to go home, Uber app, Lyft app, and believe it or not, Missoula does still have cab service. If you want to plug it into your phone, Yellow Cab is 543-6644 and Green Taxi is 728-8294. If all else fails tell your bartender you need a safe ride.

We'll be updating details on our Facebook event page so check there before you head downtown.

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