And another major Missoula event is moving around the schedule - although thankfully, this one's just been postponed instead of outright cancelled.

The Missoula Summer MADE Fair, which was supposed to take place at Caras Park on June 21st, has been moved from that date due to - what else? - COVID-19 concerns. The good news is, it hasn't moved all that far - the MADE Fair is now scheduled to take place on August 23rd, just two months later.

The goal for the move is to position the Summer MADE fair "in a safer and more secure place." If you're missing out on the fair, you can always visit their website to browse a little bit and buy some stuff online - many of the artists depend on events like the MADE fair for income, so it'd be a huge help to purchase something you like on the site.

Are you bummed that the Missoula Summer MADE Fair is moving? It's not surprising, but it is still disheartening to see major townwide events get taken down, one by one - hopefully, things will be back to something resembling normalcy in August and it can go on as scheduled. Will you be going?

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