Each year, Montanans take to the rivers for recreation and floating, and each year, a mess of beer cans, busted float tubes and garbage are left behind to pollute the very rivers which these folks enjoy. Doesn't make any sense, but humans are a strange, complicated species, as you know. And, each year, kind Montana residents take time to clean up the river banks, which is needed more than ever this year, as rivers are being bombarded with floaters since there's not much else to do in the middle of a pandemic.

First, PLEASE STOP LEAVING YOUR TRASH IN AND AROUND RIVERS. Pack it in, pack it out, pack it in, pack it out, pack it, in pack it out. If you see people on the river with glass, kindly explain to them in the nicest way possible that this is not acceptable in Montana. And finally, you can help clean up this Thursday.

Meet at Sha-Ron at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 30th, after you attend the demonstration against human trafficking perhaps, that way, you can dip in the river and cool off, too. Large trash bags will be provided and the clean up will end at Silver Park. Sha-Ron is the fishing/boat launch access in East Missoula, Silver Park is the river access near Ogren Park/McCormick. THANK YOU in advance for your kindness.

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