Thursday is 'World Day Against Human Trafficking' and here in Missoula, the day will be recognized with a demonstration at the Courthouse. You are invited to join from 4 to 6:30 p.m. on July 30th, for a peaceful demonstration.

Organizers encourage attendees to bring your friends, family, appropriate signs, and be prepared to get loud. Social distancing and masking are encouraged. Organizers have stated that the event isn't politically affiliated with any party, and request that politics are left off signs to allow for focus on fighting trafficking. They went on to say they aren't "anti" any other demonstration, they stand in love and unity and just want to bring awareness and be a presence for those who have no voice and those who are lost. Translation: let's stand up for victims peacefully.

The unofficial logo of the fight against human trafficking and the "End It" movement is a large red 'X' with the words "END IT." I know a lot of Missoulians get creative with t-shirts whether it's demonstration day or not, so that's one idea for T's and signs, here are examples. When making signs, organizers offer this sage advice:

Sensationalism leads to mis-identification and can discredit.
Please fact check and make sure signs reflect accurate information.
Please don’t feel compelled to fill signs with information. Most people will be driving, so fewer words will have the greatest impact.

More ideas for signs are:

Children are not for sale.

Break the silence break the chains.

Be their voice.
Stop Child Slavery.
Shut it down.
Where Are The Children
Save Our Children
Rise Up. Take Action. End It.

Photos From Missoula's MMIWG Awareness Walk

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