Missoula Police are asking for information on two unrelated cases, the first includes surveillance images of two people suspected of credit card theft. The other is one you may have heard about, a Friday night accident involving a driver hitting a bicyclist.

The Missoula County Sherriff's Office is attempting to identify two people seen in the images below. They are suspects in an investigation involving the use of stolen credit cards and debit cards. The images are from places they used the cards on February 12th.

Social media vigilantes say those pesky mandated masks make it impossible to identify the two suspects, but you can clearly see their faces. If you can identify one or both of these people, you are asked to reach out to Detective David Sullivan at 406-214-5706 or 406-258-3309.

In an unrelated February 12th case, a man on a bike was struck by a vehicle on that Friday night and died from his injuries. The collision happened near Rose Park at East Bickford and Stephens Avenue when a 22-year-old woman struck a 62-year-old man who was riding his bike. The man hit his head on the windshield and the woman remained at the scene and called for help. Sadly, the man was transported to the hospital and died from his injuries. Names have not been released but the MPD suspects that drugs and alcohol were involved and the case continues to be investigated.

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