Some of us have been on board with the #FreeBritney movement for years, calling for Britney Spears to be released from her conservatorship with her father, others have just learned about the situation after the recent New York Times documentary "Framing Britney Spears." No matter which of these groups you fall into, you no doubt want to bring awareness to the movement by posting pics with the hashtag.

To help you do that, Conflux Brewing Company has introduced their Team Britney IPA, a 6.1% ABV, 60 IBUs brew with a citrus taste. Team Britney is made with a blend of hops known as 'Falconer's Flight' with a taste that is described as a juicy IPA with a distinct tropical and floral aroma with a pleasing citrus pop in the finish. Don't know if the brewers would recommend it, but we think this sounds like the perfect match for the garlic & herb french fries at Conflux. Have you had them? They come with fresh made buttermilk ranch and they're soooo good!

As for our girl Britney, her most recent court date didn't bring the results she wanted, but she's making progress. The short version, for those of you who aren't following, but interested, is that Britney Spears' father swooped in during her lowest point in life and declared himself her conservator. What that means is he has full responsibility for Britney, and her millions of dollars. She can't leave the house or make any appearances without his permission, and he is enjoying spending all of her money. Britney was recently allowed by law to make a bank the conservator of her estate, which is great progress. Unfortunately, her father Jamie still has control of her through a court-ordered conservatorship. If you haven't seen the documentary, it was released earlier this month on FX and Hulu, see the trailer below.

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