Weird jelly bean flavors are nothing new, however, the news of Brach's latest offering for Easter has the internet up in arms. 'Late Night Taco Truck' jelly beans are on sale now, pretty much everywhere, but we ordered ours from Target. Flavors in the pack are churro, salsa, guacamole, margarita, beef taco, and horchata. A 12-ounce bag ran us $2.66 as Target was having a sale and they were down from $2.99. If these already sound unappealing to you, you should also be warned that there's some kind of goo in the middle, like a gooey center of taco spice.

We're thinking maybe these are only good with a solid buzz, much like the late-night taco truck itself. We're not huge fans of Peeps but we are fans of Froot Loops so we will be sampling that sugary goodness this Easter as well.

Naturally, this got us thinking about what Missoula would offer if we could do 10 jelly bean flavors. As you've learned, they don't have to be appealing flavors, just unique enough to grab the buyers' attention (and taste buds.) Missoula has so many original tastes and smells, everything from uniquely Missoula foods to places and events that would certainly taste like the Garden City if you put them into a jelly bean. Here are a few we think would represent us best. What would you add?

10 Unmistakable Missoula Smells That Could Be Unique Jelly Bean Flavors

If Missoula had official jelly beans, this is what they'd taste like.

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