Thanks to 'Yellowstone' you may be familiar with the process of open casting calls, even if you're not actually an actor. Some talented locals are putting together a pilot for a Montana-made TV show called "Glacier" and folks with all levels of experience are invited to a casting call.


Missoula Public Library


TODAY, Saturday, February 26th until 3 p.m.

Please bring

Resume and headshot if you have them.

Work will begin

This spring in Missoula and the Polson areas.

If you are interested in being part of the 'crew' please drop off your resume at the library today before 3 p.m.

'Glacier' synopsis

Near retirement, the head ranger of the Glacier Rangers, must shift gears to keep the Montana park afloat. With only the knuckle head rangers left, they must protect and defend the park at all cost from outside pressures.

The writers and producers are Montanans with the goal of creating a family-friendly dramedy with fellow Montanans, plus, they're excited to provide some local jobs.

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