Thinking you need to take some time to relax a little? Well, Missoula's a pretty good place to make that happen.

Wallet Hub recently released a study ranking the most and least stressed cities in the US. 182 cities across America made the list, and Missoula came in way towards the bottom, fitting into slot number 151. Only one other Montana city was on the list, and they were somehow even less stressed than us: Billings at 171, just outside the bottom 10.

Factors like Work Stress, Financial Stress, Family Stress, and Health Stress all came into play. If you'd like to live a stress-free life, probably good to avoid cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Newark, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, which made up the top 5.

And if you're looking to remove stress from your life entirely, better pack up and move to Fremont, California, which took the last place spot on the list.

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