For the last few days, officials from Taiwan have been in Montana hosting the Labor Minister from Taiwan and the Missoula Housing Authority has been sharing housing, employment and asset building programs with the visitors.

MHA’s Rebecca Stancil, who serves at the Chair for the International Association of Workforce Professionals, said the Taiwanese have been meeting with various labor officials and the University of Montana.

“The Minister of Labor for Taiwan and her colleagues are in Missoula, and they have been taking part in meeting labor officials from around the country and at the University of Montana discussing labor issues,” said Stancil. “Jason Huang and I are connected through the International Association of Workforce Professionals, so when I found out that Jason was going to be in Montana that’s how we made the connection to share about what Missoula Housing Authority does. What we hope to share is what we’re doing in Montana, how we are focused ion addressing barriers to employment and helping folks maintain stability with their housing, but then mover forward beyond that to helping them get on their feet.”

Stancil said the connection with the Taiwanese officials began at the International Association of Workforce Professionals Conference in Cincinnati in 2017.


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