In 2014, Missoula County voters approved a $42 million Parks and Trails bond for the purpose of creating a multi-use facility at Fort Missoula.

Thursday evening, the public is invited to see what their investment has produced.

Director of Missoula Parks and recreation Donna Gauckler said a gala open house is scheduled from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m.

“We are opening the original 63 acre Fort Missoula Park with an all new renovated plethora of adventures and fun for everyone,” Gauckler said. “We’ll have events starting at 6:00 p.m. There’ll be what we call a Passport Program where folks can pick up a map. They can check out the Commons which is a social recreation area with The Salamanders playing from 9 to 10. They can check out the all new Mac’s Inclusive Playground at the Meadowlark Meadows and Shelter where we’ll have the ribbon cutting at 6:30.”

Gauckler went on to describe more of the features at the new facility.

“You can try out the outdoor fitness machines or go over to the Greens and try out bocce ball and horseshoes and we’ll feature all sorts of different activities inside the softball complex,” she said. “We’ll do lawn bowling, croquet, cornhole, golf, kickball and any kind of activity you can do on a lawn. We’ll have the Home Plate Grill open so you can sample some of the menu items they have to offer. We’ll have the courts active, so if you haven’t tried pickle ball before, you can try it there.”

Gauckler said the Parks and recreation staff welcome everyone to the Grand Opening of Fort Missoula Regional Park where all activities will be free to the public, except what you order from the Home Plate Grill.

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