We've heard about a lot of products having shortage issues across the country since the pandemic started. And every week it seems like we have the threat of adding something new to the list. But for as much as we hear about it, I haven't really seemed to notice much in the way of shortages at the store. And thankfully, nothing has been on the same level as the great toilet paper famine of 2020. But there are those around Missoula that are really feeling the pain of inflation and shipping issues when it comes to food - and it directly affects those that need it most.

The Montana Food Bank Network in Missoula distributes supplies to every county in the state. They're seeing some major issues when it comes to receiving and then shipping food to the various food banks across Montana. There aren't enough of the drivers that would normally bring deliveries to the MFBN and the ones that are still available are costing much more than before. A KPAX story says the food center has even had to go pick up food using their own drivers.

While discussing the trucker shortages, supply chain issues, and increasing costs of food and gas, that same article includes this alarming stat:

They say right now, for every 12 truckloads of food that need to go to hungry Montanans, there's only one truck driver available.

It all makes for a troublesome situation when food banks are seeing higher than normal numbers. The good news is that the Missoula Food Bank has seen steady support from the community as supply issues have affected many locations across the state.

Here's a way that you can make a food donation and mix it with a little fun. Check out CANdemonium at the Southgate Mall from now until April 15th. Giant structures are being created by local architects and engineers and this year has a space theme. You can tour the displays throughout the mall and help decide this year's winner.

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