We know that the Missoula Food Bank has seen increased usage since the start of the pandemic in 2020. Some of the numbers are pretty eye-opening if you really take a second to let them sink in. More people than ever before have been forced to use food services from the food bank for the first time. And while our group of radio stations was teaming with the Missoula Food Bank for the Can the Cats competition in the fall, I was shocked to learn that 1 in 4 people in Missoula County are using emergency food services.

If you're thinking that the worst of the pandemic has come and gone, and things shouldn't be quite so bad for families around Missoula, think again. Loss of jobs, higher gas prices, and general inflation have plenty of households feeling the pinch despite COVID numbers continuing to drop.

Over 4,000 households used services in March

A KPAX story says the Missoula Food Bank has announced that March was the busiest month they've ever had in their 40 years of existence!

The Missoula Food Bank's Jessica Allred says that in 23 days the nonprofit provided more than 12,000 services to about 4,300 households. There were 11 days when staff served more than 200 families, something they normally see only two or three times a month.

Those are some crazy statistics when you just look at Missoula alone. But then figure that other food banks across the state are probably seeing similar numbers while also facing added challenges of cost and delivery issues.

Thankfully, the Missoula Food Bank has had the support of the community and food providers to make sure they haven't had to face troubling shortages. If you want to donate to the Missoula Food Bank, you can drop a donation at 1720 Wyoming Street and get more info with the food bank HERE.

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